On Aug. 15 to 17, three Washington nurses will be honored by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing at its annual awards ceremony.

Washing­ton’s very own Lois Hoell, MS, MBA, RN, commis­sion member, Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assur­ance Commis­sion, and Suellyn Masek, MSN, RN, CNOR, commis­sion member, Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assur­ance Commis­sion will each receive the Excep­tional Contri­bu­tion Award for their signif­i­cant contri­bu­tion and demon­strated support of NCSBN’s mission. A Service award will be given to Paula Meyer, MSN, RN, FRE, execu­tive director, Washington State Nursing Care Quality Assur­ance Commis­sion, for her work as an execu­tive officer of the boards of nursing (BONs) for the past 20 years. 

Congrat­u­la­tions to our Washington nurses for the recognition!

NCSBN will be recog­nizing other recip­i­ents for the Excep­tional Contri­bu­tion Award including:

  • Gloria Damgaard, MS, RN, FRE, execu­tive director, South Dakota Board of Nursing, will be honored with the R. Louise McManus Award for sustained and signif­i­cant contri­bu­tions through the highest commit­ment and dedica­tion to the mission and vision of NCSBN
  • Gregory Y. Harris, JD, former board member, Arizona State Board of Nursing, and South Dakota State Senator Deb Soholt, MS, RN, former board member, South Dakota Board of Nursing, will each receive the Distin­guished Achieve­ment Award, given to individ­uals whose contri­bu­tions or accom­plish­ments have impacted NCSBN’s mission and vision.
  • The College of Nurses of Ontario will be awarded the Regula­tory Achieve­ment Award, which recog­nizes the member board or associate member that has made an identi­fi­able, signif­i­cant contri­bu­tion to the mission and vision of NCSBN in promoting public policy related to the safe and effec­tive practice of nursing in the interest of public welfare. 
  • Former Minnesota Board of Nursing Execu­tive Director Joyce M. Schowalter, MEd, RN, will be presented with the NCSBN Founders Award during a special Founders Luncheon on Aug.15. Schowalter served as the execu­tive officer of the Minnesota Board of Nursing from 1973 until 1999. Following the estab­lish­ment of NCSBN, she was elected to the organization’s first Board of Direc­tors and later served as vice-presi­dent and president. 

Service awards to execu­tive officers of boards of nursing (BONs) will also include: 

Five Years

  • Kathleen Weinberg, MSN, RN, execu­tive director, Iowa Board of Nursing 
  • Karen C. Lyon, PhD, RN, ACNS, NEA, execu­tive director, Louisiana State Board of Nursing 
  • Jennifer Breton, LPN, RN, execu­tive director, College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Manitoba 
  • Lynn Power, MN, RN, execu­tive director, Associ­a­tion of Regis­tered Nurses of Newfound­land and Labrador 
  • Lynsay Nair, LPN, execu­tive director, Saskatchewan Associ­a­tion of Licensed Practical Nurses 

10 Years

  • Julia L. George, MSN, RN, FRE, execu­tive director, North Carolina Board of Nursing

Founded March 15, 1978, NCSBN marks its 40th anniver­sary milestone in 2018 as an indepen­dent not-for-profit organi­za­tion. NCSBN was initially created to lessen the burdens of state govern­ments and bring together boards of nursing (BONs) to act and counsel together on matters of common interest. It has evolved into one of the leading voices of regula­tion across the world.